Shop Embellish FX Now....we ship ANYWHERE!

Shop Embellish FX Now....we ship ANYWHERE!

Whether you need Theatrical Makeup, Wigs, Costumes, or anything else in our shop, we can ship it to you no matter where you are! Come on in and check out our awesome selection of Embellishments!

What our customers are saying…

I just left the store! It was my very first time there! And all I can say is wow! I was treated like a human being and not followed or chased around the store like one I had went to a year a go and will not ever go into again!! The prices are AMAZING! And it’s not ever this fun when I am out buying makeup I had a good time and I can not wait to go back and get everything I drooled over!
To the owners: thank you for taking the time to say hello and for the help when I asked for it. I encourage everyone to go to embellish for all your makeup or dress up needs they have so much more than just stuff for drag queens! Thank you again for a wonderful experience!

Where do I begin? I will tell u this … there is so much creativity under this roof! It will blow your mind! I have a hard time leaving there … Boy I could pitch a tent there … just sayin’ U will be turned on and tuned in to coolest products! Kinda got an idea of something u want to manifest … Go to Embellish fx …
Craftsmanship … Creativity … Rock Star service … its over the top!

I adore Embellish. The customer service is amazing and I love their products. I go there at least three times a month! Highly recommend!

Such a cool place! Worked with our ideas and made them even better!! Suggesting to all my friends they come over here for Halloween ideas!!